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With over 15 years combined experience in the Electronic Sports industry we’re best placed to be called upon for a wide range of marketing activities, consultation sessions or brand awareness exercises. Down the years we’ve helped several companies develop new products or marketing campaigns that are tailored towards gamers: this is where we stand out from the crowd. We’ve been there and done it - from small scale leaflet distribution at trade shows to putting on the UK's most successful Esports event for Blizzard Entertainment. We’ve helped a wide range of companies gain exposure through the ever growing gaming community for a relatively small cost, which is why Electronic Sports is proving time and time again to be an incredibly popular advertising option for our clients.

Esport Consultancy

Are you considering making your first steps into Esports? Or are you looking to expand your activities? You’ve come to the right place. We’re ready to ensure that you make the right moves and maximise your ROI from your Esports marketing activities. Whatever your needs, we’re available for consultancy either on a one-off or ongoing basis.

– Marketing / PR
– Brand Management
– Strategic Planning
– Product Development
– Product Placement
– Sponsorship

Event Management

Want to show off your product to the mass-market at a trade show? Would you like a bespoke event to show off a new game title? Maybe you’d prefer to host an intimate press event to showcase a new product? Whatever you desire, we can work to your specifications and provide a hassle-free solution that’ll make you stand out from your competitors.

Esports Marketing (Online and Brand)

We recognise that sometimes you might undertake an Esports marketing campaign in order to gain quick, tangible results, and on other occasions might be looking to build certain feelings about your brand as part of a longer term strategy. We have a wealth of experience in both online marketing, where we provide a results-focused service through activities such as social media or display advertising, and in brand marketing, which could include having your own pro gaming team, or running your own branded tournaments with hundreds of participants.

– Tournament Setup & Administration
– Team Management
– Social Media
– Display Advertising
– Copywriting
– Website Administration

Esports Betting Consultancy

Are you looking to improve the performance of your Esports betting product or acquire new customers? Get in touch. We’ve been following developments in the industry since 2008 and run our own websites focused on the sector such as csgobetting.com.

Event Staff

Have you found that your hired hands at trade shows don’t know a controller from a computer? Or are simply unenthusiastic about your products? We can provide solutions for all your staffing needs by providing you with gamers who are genuinely enthusiastic about gaming in general and new technology products, and who won’t complain at the end of a long day’s work.

– Trifecta Media takes the hassle out of short term staff solutions. Let us organise everything for you.
– Fast, affordable quotations.
– Hundreds of staff on our books with the ability to provide staff at short notice for any last minute requirements!
– We can provide staff not only to man stands but also for setup and tear down.
– We provide product training so staff are knowledgeable about your products so they can engage with consumers.
– We can host a training session prior to an event with a member of your staff to ensure important information is relayed to the public.
– We have supplied staff for Activision, SteelSeries, Dell, PC World and many more.