Trifecta Media spawned to help cater for the ever increasing demand for companies to gain exposure and reach within the Electronic Sports (competitive video gaming) industry. Trifecta Media provides all the services which you could expect from a specialist Esport marketing agency.

With video games sales now far outselling global box office tickets, gaming has become the favourite pastime of millions of consumers both in the UK and around the world. However, competitive gaming still remains an untapped market by firms in many sectors. Trifecta Media can help bridge the gap between your company and the consumer, whether they are hardcore or casual gamers.

Predominantly made up of 16-30 males from affluent backgrounds (who do not watch television) this is a key market, as not only are these people extremely passionate about their hobby and loyal to brands who support it, but they are otherwise difficult to target and are the high earners of tomorrow. They aren't afraid to share their opinions and are strong buying influencers.

Using our expertise to tap into these consumers now is a cost-effective way of establishing a long-term customer base who will advocate and become brand ambassadors of your product.

The best thing about this kind of promotion? Gamers love it! Advertisements and promotions are not seen as an annoyance but are embraced and seen as someone wanting to support their sport and help it grow, rather than as a marketing gimmick or a cheap way to increase the bottom-line.

Our Mission

We want to introduce gamers to your products and services as seamlessly as possible. Everyone who works for Trifecta Media is an avid gamer and is passionate about the growth of video gaming, so whatever your needs we can find a solution for you. Whether that is a full scale penetration so that you are eventually seen as being synonymous with Electronic Sports, or if you just want to dip your toes into the water to guage the potential of this market, we're here to help. We understand the demands of our corporate clients and will ensure that you get the maximum possible ROI from your activities in gaming.