Trifecta Media

Trifecta Media is a specialist Esports Marketing Agency that caters towards helping businesses expand into a vastly untapped market. Advertising in Electronic Sports provides a cost-effective way for your company to target impressionable young males so Trifecta Media offers a number of innovative solutions that enable you to access the millions of avid gamers both in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Whether you are interested in Esports consultancy, hosting a gaming event, or anything else to do with Esports marketing, we'd love to speak with you.


In our combined 15 years working in the Electronic Sports industry we've worked on a whole range of projects for a wide range of clients. Our clients have included large corporates, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Intel and The Sun, as well as smaller start-ups.

We're able to create concepts for and run any number of projects that suit your needs: so to bounce some of your ideas off us or to hear some of our own, get in touch to arrange a call!

Featured Project

In June 2012 Trifecta Media hosted the StarCraft II World Championship Series United Kingdom Nationals for Blizzard Entertainment at BAFTA, London. From concept, through planning, to execution, Trifecta Media was responsible for the entire UK campaign. This involved staging an online marketing campaign leading up to the live finals where the UK's best gamers competed against each other for $15,000 and the chance to be crowned the British champion. Approximately 1,000 visitors were on site over the weekend with over 26,000 concurrent viewers watching from home (c.450,000 total live video streaming sessions).